About Young Hearts Yoga

Young Hearts Yoga was created for young people, families, and teams to experience yoga together. Our Atlanta based classes help center the young, give new life to parents, and bring co-workers and collaborators together.

I have practiced yoga for over 25 years, leading powerful classes and crafting incredible artworks. As an instructor and jewelry designer, I aim to empower the “young heart” of each of my clients, in mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga & Meditation

There’s a reason that people who practice yoga feel the desire to spread the good news: our practice delivers results, and in the most breathtaking ways. Unlike other methods of strengthening and invigorating your physical and mental state, yoga and meditation are, at their core, peaceful exercises

To the stressed out parent, the distracted young person, or the overloaded worker, this sounds daunting. Or maybe too good to be true. But the proof is in the practice. Our classes have helped children and young adults find their center, helped parents find their capable selves again, and helped entire teams of employees combat their problems with ease.

If you’re still questioning, come in for a consultation, or check out our contact page. We’d love to answer any questions you may have.