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I charge $250 for my Atlanta sitting fee. Additionally, I charge $1 per 4×6 proof that I take and give to you. Why? Because most clients tell me that they love to have proofs (meaning unedited) in hand. Most of us these days never print or even download photos off of our cameras.  You can pop the 4×6 proofs into a frame, enjoy them on the refrigerator and even send extras to the office or grandparents. So, if we take 75 photos your fee is $5. If we take 125 photos your fee is $325. I add an additional $200 to both location fees if you prefer to own the all jpegs on a flash drive without proofs.

In New York City I charge an all inclusive fee of $600. In the Hamptons the fee begins at $750. I click the shutter until we have all the shots we need.

Corporate client pricing begins at $250, depending on the location, equipment and number of subjects.

I sell jpegs for $50 each or provide them free from your ordered and enlarged images if you spend $300+ with my Jpeg Joy program. Entire disks can be bought for $300.

I use only the highest quality paper that feels heavy like a postcard. My work is custom printed and all sizes are possible. Photo shop fees are based on the work demands. Here are prices for some of my common sizes.

4×6 = $35 or three for $75

5×5, 5×7 = $40 or three for $85

6×8, 8×10 = $45 or three for $95

11×14 = $70 or three for $150