Casual Photo at Home

(Dad surprised Mom with this photo for Christmas)

I just love this soft light and the contrast between the white sofa and dark holiday attire. Well done Dad!

This Was a Fun Photo Shoot.

Favorite Funniest Holiday Card

This family has a terrific sense of humor and they asked me help with their holiday card. I love it!

Runaway Boy!

Sometimes my little subjects run away! This little guy was in the midst of changing from his Christmas card photo to his regular attire and he skipped outside naked. Oh to be young and so free. 

Yes, Bring Your Dog

I love dogs on photo shoots, everyone is more relaxed and often we get the most sincere smiles.


This is fun in the park. 

I love a Soft Smile

Once we had this young man slow down he gave us the most beautiful soft smile. I love the light and DE-LIGHT in his eyes. 

This Makes Me Smile

This little guy is exactly the reason I love my work. His chubby smile and precious fingers around his dad’s hands are what baby love is all about. 

Perfect and NOT “passport.”

The outdoor wall is just enough out of focus to create a professional but not passport style corporate photo.