I love a Soft Smile

Once we had this young man slow down he gave us the most beautiful soft smile. I love the light and DE-LIGHT in his eyes. 

This Makes Me Smile

This little guy is exactly the reason I love my work. His chubby smile and precious fingers around his dad’s hands are what baby love is all about. 

Perfect and NOT “passport.”

The outdoor wall is just enough out of focus to create a professional but not passport style corporate photo. 

Corporate in a Blouse!

I love my client’s blouse, she is stylish and casual but still professional. 

Does a Boy Come any CUTER?

This little guy is so darn cute and I am so glad his parents wanted him to take his shirt off! After all, he spends so much time playing outdoors like a little wild man. 

Summer in Bellport

Now this is summer in Bellport, green grass, happy cute siblings with the promise of ice-cream after photos! I adore this family, I have photographed them in NY for over a decade.

Busy Toddlers

There is so much patience required in photographing toddlers, sometimes I only catch a few photos but all it takes is one! I love this little girls with her soft cheeks and southern bow. Even the hair in her face reminds us of her busy busy life. I can photoshop the stray piece out if mom prefers.

Same Photo as Below in Color

Which do you prefer? I always tell clients to order both for their homes and holiday cards. Color is happier and black and white feels like fine art. 

Hamptons Classic in Black and White

I adore this family and their classic photo in black and white. The dresses are timeless and the photo has a vintage feel.