Professionally Perfect

His wardrobe is professional yet still casual. His smile is friendly. The background is the marble exterior from an Atlanta high-rise. He is professionally perfect.

Tween Wardrobes (???)

It is difficult to find an ideal outfit for your tween, especially a tween daughter. The situation is ripe for arguments! This navy blue dress works perfectly as a classic. Your daughter can then add her own style with her hair and jewelry. Plan with your tween in advance so there are no photo-day arguments.

It is then my job to make the photo shoot fun and the photos meaningful. 


The Dog is in the Tree House

These sisters adore their playful dog who actually can climb up the slide and meet them at the top of the tree house. Mom was so smart to suggest this photo and I did not believe it was possible. This photo will always remind the sisters of their happy backyard fun.

An Inspiring Woman

I love taking corporate photos of women who inspire me. This lady was recently nominated for the 2019 list of 100 most Powerful and Influential Women  in Georgia. We had to rush and take this gorgeous photo on a chilly day. Not only is she a badass district attorney, she is a wife and mother.

The Giggles

This precious young lady had the giggles during our photo session. I do not know what was so funny, but I look at this photo and smile. 

A Handsome Young Man

Regular teenage boys do not want to have their photos taken, but my job is to put them at ease and have them enjoy the experience. This young man was extremely polite, cooperative, and eventually he was having fun.

Smiles are not Always Needed

This is a photo of a photo of my daughters from back in the film days of photography. I am so glad they were not smiling, this moment reminds me that smiles are not always needed to create a beautiful photo.

“Real” Cousins Photo

There is so much humor in my work as a photographer. I always expect a few photos such as this one when I am taking cousins photos, especially when the majority are teenagers. In many ways, this “off” image is the real gem because it is so real.