A Handsome Young Man

Regular teenage boys do not want to have their photos taken, but my job is to put them at ease and have them enjoy the experience. This young man was extremely polite, cooperative, and eventually he was having fun.

Smiles are not Always Needed

This is a photo of a photo of my daughters from back in the film days of photography. I am so glad they were not smiling, this moment reminds me that smiles are not always needed to create a beautiful photo.

“Real” Cousins Photo

There is so much humor in my work as a photographer. I always expect a few photos such as this one when I am taking cousins photos, especially when the majority are teenagers. In many ways, this “off” image is the real gem because it is so real.

A Family is Love

Yesterday I took photos of a grandfather, his partner and his grandchildren. I love it that we live in a time when a family is simply LOVE.

Mural for Creatives

A mural is the perfect background for this classical and jazz guitarist. I am helping him build his online presence and show his range of talent. I wish you could hear the sound of him playing too. 

Repurposing Family Jewelry

I feel so much JOY when I help an east+west client take jewels she does not wear and repurpose them to everyday pieces that feel meaningful and current. This client used a brooch with (surprise) plenty of gold to melt down and real stones. She was able to clean an old favorite chain and create three pendants. WOW! What can I help you with? 

Casual Photo at Home

(Dad surprised Mom with this photo for Christmas)

I just love this soft light and the contrast between the white sofa and dark holiday attire. Well done Dad!

This Was a Fun Photo Shoot.

Favorite Funniest Holiday Card

This family has a terrific sense of humor and they asked me help with their holiday card. I love it!