Sister Love

Often sisters really get along once the older one leaves for college. You can tell by this photo how much they cherish their time together.

Two Dogs are Always Better than One!

I have found over the last thirty years that everyone, at any age, has the most natural smile when holding his or her dog. We naturally relax. In this case, two dogs are better than one.

Potty Talk and Smarties

I do so love a little boy he giggles when I ask, “does Daddy have a stinky diaper?” Smarties are always my reward for so much cooperative fun.

Why not add a Social PHOTO?

This lovely lady needed photos for her website. At the end of the photo shoot we changed things up and became more casual.  You never know when you need this type of quality, social photo. 


Not many offices require a tie these days but a crisp shirt with some personality establishes a perfectly professional corporate photo.

Kind, Caring Doctor

I met Dr. Steven Morris at and was immediately taken with his kind and caring personality. This is a doctor who treats his patients with intelligence, experience and tenderness.

Professional Perfection!

With corporate photos I aim for a professional, friendly and intelligent smile. She has it mastered!

Sweet Boy

Little boys can be so wild, so  when I capture an image, like this one, that shows the sweet side, I am touched. This is the boy who loves his mother. This is the boy who hugs his mother.