About Kem Lee

I absolutely love photographing people! Sixteen years ago I began my photo career focusing on families. My children were young and so were my subjects. As time has passed (see the 2014 photo of my family above) I cherish these photos of chubby hands and feet and even pouty faces. The genuine smiles and family hugs captured in photos mean the world to me and my clients. Have you ever noticed that your children are always beautiful? Flawless skin, twinkly eyes and even mischievous grins come naturally to the young.

Fast forward to the social media age and my subjects are of all ages. Many of my clients need updated photos and do not want the stiff and dated passport look! My corporate clients frequently need fresh photos for work, board memberships and even dating sites. I can always make a subject look his or her best, it just takes my committed and experienced eye to tweak you into position. Teeth or no teeth for the smile? I will help you decide.

Finally, as a creative person, I have enjoyed fine art photography. It feels so good to sell images that enhance your home or office.

I adore meaningful photos for the family, corporate individual and home. Let’s work together to take the images you will treasure.

Celebrating Life with Photography